Why Tom Created

By Thomas J. Kelly

When I tell people I created I Hate married friends look at me in shock and say Tom, how could you possibly hate weddings?

Out of all of the possible reasons . . . it all boils down to one simple reason: After the reception is over, I end up having one less friend to hang out with.

Dont give me any BS about not only having a guy friend . . . but "gaining a new friend in his new wife." I fell for that line when I was a wedding rookie too. The truth is if youre a decent husband, like many of my friends are, you have to give up Friday night debauchery with your single guy friends.

Though, personally, I don't think marriage is the time to become a lame ass. It's when you become a dad, you should become a lame ass.

Weddings are a symbol of time passing. They lead to friends having kids. As the kids get older so do we. The people who were already older than we are get even older and the people who were older than them end up crapping their pants as they pray for someone to shove them through deaths door.

Somehow, after its all over, I end up being old, fat, balding and sitting alone on the sofa in my parents house watching ABCs TGIF line up on a Friday night because most of my friends are hanging out with their wives.

Then I thought, why not take this sense of despair and do something productive? Surely there are other things about marriage that make me angry: long ceremonies, crappy receptions and bridesmaids who wont put out.

Maybe there are other people who feel the same way as me? That single bridesmaid in the ugly dress with the big bow on her ass cant be happy. Maybe we could use the internet to start a rebellion or at least create a pool where catty lonely individuals can laugh at the craziness of marriage.

For all of the little guys who find get angry at the thought of wedded bliss, I give you
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Comments made

Congrats on the updated site, Tom!

I hope to see you at Conservathink more often!
12/15 22:00:07
I absolutely hate weddings too!! I all starts when your friend gets engaged. She becomes the most boring person alive constantly spewing endless details of her wedding. She expects your involvement and counts on your being just as excited as she is, otherwise her feelings are hurt. She is totally challenged, frustrated and stressed out because of her own made up holiday called "My Wedding" which is centered around her - forgetting that there are starving children in Africa, people with real problems and the fact that no one in the world cares (as she is one in hundreds of thousands of brides having a wedding on the same day). I just don't get how people who are so lucky to find the man or woman of their dreams and are in love think it is okay to basically bore their single friends to death with the details, expect them to buy an expensive bridesmaids dress, and spend most of their disposable income paying tribute to their good luck in finding love. Don't they see how their single friends don't have that and yet they rub it in their faces and expect you to put your life on hold to pay tribute to thier good fortune!! Weddings are just an excuse for people who are fortunate enough to find love to be greedy and suck money and time from their friends while treating them as if it were their privilege to even be a part of their wedding. I hate to break it to them, but I'd much rather not go to your boring lame ass wedding wearing that ugly dress you picked out to match the napkins and flowers at the reception. I hate weddings and soon-to-be brides!! They suck so bad that now when a friend of mine says she's engaged I am just going to tell her I don't want to be friends with or be around her until after her wedding. If there was ever a more selfish ritual created, I'd love to hear about it. All I get out of it is one less friend and I am a thousand dollars poorer after spending money pampering them on their bachelorette party, buying the bridesmaid's dress, airline tickets, gift, etc. Then after their wedding they become different and you grow apart. Meanwhile you are one friend down and have used your vacation time from work and your extra spending money for their perfect day. Now they have two incomes and brand new everything thanks to their greedy little wish lists they had on every department store gift registery. Good for people who get married, keep taking advantage of your friends and not thinking of anyone but yourselves. You all suck just as much as your weddings do.
12/26 19:46:49
I totally agree with you! I have this acquaintance who just moved back in town with his new wife. I don't really have a problem with her except all she ever talks about is their wedding and how perfect it was, and a how she'd planned it all out... followed immediately by, I can't wait until he has a better job, we get a bigger place and we can start having babies... ACK!!!
12/28 11:44:08
Wow. You claim that the bride to be is selfish, when your supposed to be a supportive friend that wants to drop the friendship until after the wedding? Just because she got engaged? Who's the selfish one there? A good friend would be happy for the bride the be. I know that some girls do take it way to seriously and there ARE those that get too consumed by the gifts, money and stuff, but to drop a friend like a bad habit just because she let you know she got engaged? Thats pretty mean. Yes I am a bride-to-be myself, got this website emailed as a joke to me, and it really is. Did it occur to any of you that some of us actually want to enjoy the day for what it is, and want the support of their family and friends? Some people really do believe a wedding should be a beautiful commitment between two people who love each other and want to grow old together, and not an excuse to have a "greedy little wish list"

All that comes to mind when seeing this site is one word - JEALOUSY

...not a very endearing trait...
12/29 15:01:44
A>ll that comes to mind when seeing this site is one word - JEALOUSY

I was a ground-zero spectator to two knock-down, drag-out divorces as a kid. Not everyone sees marriage as a wonderful thing, far less envying it.

>After the reception is over, I end up having one less friend to hang out with.

This is true. Yet should not be. Too many women don't develop enough independence of interests, relying on a boyfriend or husband to provide the content and structure in their lives. I realize this is a stereotype, but it's often true, just as many male stereotypes have truth to them (fragile-ego men being spooked by depth and intelligence, for example). Yet it doesn't have to be.

The result is that after marriage, the newly-secure wife works to finally exclude those annoying male friend's she's been jealous of. Sadly, I've learned it's best to just walk away, and not fight it. Sometimes in a couple of years, the relationship has matured, and the friend will call up to implicitly get across there's a new deal. Sometimes not; this often simply means your friend arrives back another couple of years later, but emotionally broken and single.

As to weddings themselves, even the best have been a few minutes of very emotional happiness for the couple. But that, preceded by a day (or days) of generally un-thanked work helping to prepare, and followed by a reception where the long-term close friends are shunted to a kids table in the back of the hall, resented and ignored by relatives. I understand that weddings are for families first, brides second, and everyone else third, but it gets to be a bit too much. The first few I looked forward to, as a chance to get to know a close friend's extended family, to see where they came from. I no longer do. Some parents are very welcoming, extended families make you feel like a stray dog that walked in.

All in all, it's rarely much fun. An obligation, to which you attend out of loyalty, where you're made to feel like you don't belong, and say goodbye to a buddy. And at the very worst, you can be lucky enough to catch a quick, sly victory sneer from the bride, if she had the aforementioned jealously problems.

There are rare exceptions to all of the above; the best have been where two long term friends finally notice each other and fall in love. There, the beauty of the event overcame the feeling of unwelcomeness broadcast at their friends.
01/04 03:02:27
I have nothing against marriage itself, but I hate the monster that modern weddings have turned into. It's more about showing off, spending money, and partying than a joining of a man and woman. Then you throw in jealousy and all the other bad emotions, the jockeying for position, and hurt feelings to arrive at a modern wedding. People often have little or no consideration for people's feelings.

My uncle and aunt had the right idea - the whole thing was a small family affair. It was not a huge, out of control monster that too many wedding seem to be these days.
01/06 21:06:52
As I was thinking about my ridiculous wedding planning I googled "I hate weddings" and found this great site. Yes, I am a bride, Yes, I am the devil, Yes, I will be taking my fiancee away from his friends.
But I see the "single" side of it too - many of my married friends have long deserted me into the bonds of marriage and they obsess over their new house and their career etc.

But oddly enough, I have these sin gle friends who can't believe I don't live for planning this wedding. Some of my single friends are waaay too involved in the wedding details - not to mention my co-workers. If I call a place at work (probably not my best idea) I get 30 questions about how exciting it is to be planning a wedding and what my "colors" will be and why do I only have two people in my wedding party I should have more....

Basically, weddings aren't that fun to plan - in fact its kinda painful - should have eloped.

but for those who stumbled upon this site in frustration against the evil wedding planning people just remember: Opinions are like a$$holes - everyone has one and they all stink!
01/10 13:42:17
YEAH, I totally agree about weddings being around THEM and them only! People getting married are selfish little bastards that just care about them and anything about them. I loved a girl once but people told me I had no right to love or even fall in love and that she was never mine..... and that guy stole her from me, People should have no right to fall in lvoe if I had no right to fall in love........ people getting married are greedy, self centered, everything about them people, I hate weddings and I ALWAYS WILL!
01/14 17:19:11
Yeah, I agree! People getting married are self centered, greedy..... all about them, bastards....... I lvoed once but people told me I had no right to love or fall in love or that the girl I loved was not even mine and that guy stole her from me, now how FUCKED up is that, and I watched them get married! weddings are a HUGE waste of money! someday I want to destroy weddings, I hate weddings and I ALWAYS WILL!
01/14 17:37:44
I've been in weddings, attended them, and I can't agree more - it's all B.S. and yes, all about greed. It's disgusting that it's such a day for gift piggies (term care of "Just shoot me" that tv show)

Starts with a judge, ends with a judge. 60% divorce rate doesn't make me want to do it. So, why else would you do it? Greed, ego, greed, ego, greed, ego. And, yeah, losing a friend sucks.

Here's what I've learned. The bride gets pissed off if you don't go. She gets pissed off if you do go, because if you're like me and you don't get the gift they want, they get pissed off.

There's far worse things going on in the world; wouldn't it be great if the money were put to charitable causes instead?

Ok, if you get married, do it tastefully.
01/21 17:04:25
What you gotta do is, have it as a surprise wedding on april fools day.
Call it your 40th, have a couple of trays of food loud music, a lot of alcohol (so the oldies piss off) and get on with the flopping around like an untrained seal (dancing), fuck the neighbours cat, wake up in spew and live happily ever after.
02/23 22:38:51
Hi Tom,

What a relief for me to discover this site. I thought I was the only one in this world who hated weddings.

I remember that one of my brothers got engaged with that chick who was completely hysterical about the wedding to come. It was the only thing she could talk about all the time and she expected everyone to be as extatic as she was about it. She became so annoying that I think my brother flushed her just for that.

Besides that, neither me nor any of my relatives or friends have lived through any horror stories about marriage, my parents are still together and happy. But it's the concept of marriage itself, it just does not fit with my conception of love and relationship.

It doesn't make sense for me to promise to spend the rest of my life with someone. What's good now might not as be good later. I'm going to change with time, so is the other person and so is the relationship itself, marriage or not. I think a relationship can last anywhere from zero second to until-death-do-us-apart, but we never know it in advance and I think we never should, we should only know it afterwards.

I think that marriage, with its illusion of an everlating stable relationship, is a huge trap. You go through all those rituals and all that unbearable hoopla, you make that commitment to spend the rest of your life with the other one and BINGO! That's it, the other one fell for it! Now, you can let yourself go, become a complete creep and treat the other one like crap, the other one is stuck with you for good !

I say if you want to put on a costume, put on a show and get some applause, try becoming an actor instead.
02/28 03:34:11
I am a "bride-to-be" too, and I am sick of having endless reems of bridesmaid dresses, napkin rings and table planners thrust in my face by every magazine I pick up. It's all just a massive money making scheme! And I just can't believe so many people fall for it.
My Fiance and I (blugh, what a horrible term) are getting married next year in Cuba, and obviously only very close family are attending as it's costing them alot - but they are also getting a hoiday at the same time. My dress cost 80 from E-Bay and there is no way I'm going to humiliate my friends by asking them to be bridesmaid (which I think is actually code for someone uglier than the bride in an uglier dress than the bride in order to make the bride look prettier!!)
I say down with weddings, up with exotic holidays in the Carribean!!
03/16 15:09:30
Holy Smoke! This site has really opened my eyes! I have always dreamed of giving my daughter a glorious wedding with all the trimming. reading all of this has made me realize that it was never for her really, it was for me. I wanted to look great because of all I was going to do. I wanted the applause for a job well done. I I I....After reading the entry above about the MONSTER that weddings have become, I now see that I am a Frankenstein as well. I was going to create another monster. Your right, it IS about the union of the couple, NOT the ceramony or gifts. Thank you guys, you have saved me thousands and spared me the hives and split lip that always comes from nerves with an event I put on.!
04/23 20:54:23
I don't think that bridal showers are getting enough hate mail on this here it goes....
I HATE BRIDAL SHOWERS! I'm actually getting married in a few months, and am still being badgered for not having one (or three, which is the norm now). I think they're blatant requests for gifts (gifts going to couples that most likely already live together and have way nicer things than me). Does any woman out there actually enjoy going to one of these (when it's not your own daughter reaping all the rewards)? They're horrible, and it's so unfair that only women get stuck with these stupid traditions (baby showers too). I can understand a baby shower when you're having your first child, but really bridal showers are getting ridiculous. I've heard so many horror stories about the lengths parents have gone through to get gifts and money for their newlywed children, and it makes me sick. If anything, I think bridal showers and related gifts need to be outlawed and not the wedding gifts. I think you should post an article asking for the most ridiculous bridal shower scams for money, I'm sure you'll get some good ones! Recently a coworker showed me a card (not an invitation) that was announcing a marriage in a European country (where they were both studying abroad). It requested that money be sent to a certain bank account to pay for their honeymoon. This was about a year ago and no type of reception was ever held.
08/10 12:05:41
I don't hate weddings at all they are planned out forever and ever and everyone worries about the price of it. and it takes so long to decide what dress to where .. you have to look better than you ever have looked in your entire life. all of your friends and family get to talk about if you two will make it for the first year or not. what corlor your kids will be,, who will cheat on who. oh and get to watch your goodlooking husband turn into the ugly fat man you always never wanted to see up close. you get to hear little people screaming mommy, over and over and over even in your sleep hahah and most off all all SEX stops two years later ahhhah not really just kidding hahah
06/28 18:30:31
oh i love weddings you get to watch them plan for a year.. watch them worry about the price of it. the bride has to find the dress of a lifetime. you have to look better than you have ever looked in your intire life. you have to starve so you wont be big and fat walking down the isle. all your friends and family get to talk about you for days in on out about if you will make it or not. you get to watch your husband or wife turn into the big fat sloppy ugly person you seen on tv and never wanted to have to come face to face with. you have to save yourself for the big night only to get the big night with a bang to watch the big night with the big bang to go out the window two years later... Sex is forgotten shortly there after when the only word you hear is mommy ,,, mommy mommy. do this do that .. get this get that. can i ..please please please please while the late night phone calls from you so called loving husband is honey I wil be working late ..."see you in the morning.. oh yes lots of fun those loving unforgetable weddings aren't they hahah just kidding
06/28 18:36:50
I got married in 2004 and let me tell you the color question got on my freakin nerves. What are your colors.. I was asked on more than one occassion. Now if I were to ever go back again I would say white and pink. White for my skin and pink for my vagina. I mean come on. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. How about what's special to the couple. Not what the colors are pleaaase!
07/26 14:33:16
Yes, I am married and was brave enough not to fall for most of those stupid wedding ideas. However, I did do somethings that were ridiculous; I got married in the church and I'm not sure why I did that. The best thing I did was let my bridesmaid pick their own dresses, which I did not see until the day before the wedding. Because all I really cared about was being with the person I have known for 15 years of my life. Looking back I wouldn't have done any of that shit. How could anyone be jealous, most brides are just naive.
My sister is getting married and she is the biggest bitch ever and she made me her "Maid of Honor". I decided to take a stand and not be in the wedding party because she can't seem to handle herself. By the way I think she also believes once she gets married it will solve all her problems. She's also not talking to me because I won't be in hthe wedding party. It's the best decision I have ever made beside.
08/23 11:11:32
i have been with my boyfreind for ten years now, we met when i was 18 years old and we are still in love and still have regular sex and good conversation. Why would a piece of paper (marriage cert) make that any better? i dont think so.....why change it, if its not broke. All my friends are having weddings and spending 10,000+, but for what? for your mates nd family to eat and drink for free(when really they cant be arsed if your married or not, they just want a piss up) Also, i agree with the earlier e-mail, bugger wedding gifts, give a donation to charity, people who ask for money really annoy me as it is so cheeky and rude. Why get married, if you have 10,000 to spare, travel the world with your partner and expeience life and culture together, dont live to regret not expeiencing things in life whilst you can............
09/25 15:01:47
i have been with my boyfreind for ten years now, we met when i was 18 years old and we are still in love and still have regular sex and good conversation. Why would a piece of paper (marriage cert) make that any better? i dont think so.....why change it, if its not broke. All my friends are having weddings and spending 10,000+, but for what? for your mates nd family to eat and drink for free(when really they cant be arsed if your married or not, they just want a piss up) Also, i agree with the earlier e-mail, bugger wedding gifts, give a donation to charity, people who ask for money really annoy me as it is so cheeky and rude. Why get married, if you have 10,000 to spare, travel the world with your partner and expeience life and culture together, dont live to regret not expeiencing things in life whilst you can............
09/25 15:05:06
You are ALL on the ball.

You have no idea how happy and relieved I am to find other people that share my opinion of weddings! Here I was thinking that a wedding epidemic sweeped through people between the ages of 20 and 30-something and turned otherwise wonderful, intelligent people into wedding monsters! At least some people are thinking with their heads and hearts rather than their ego.

For the record, this has nothing to do with jealousy. I am always happy when two people find love, support, and happiness with one another, and I am just as happy to congratulate them and see them enjoy their life together.

But weddings seem to spin out of control and display everything but love and devotion. So many girls lose their logic and their empathy when planning this so called "day we all dream about our whole lives because were supposed to" in an effort to create some fabulous day centered entirely on themselves. Its bad enough when a couple assumes the heavy financial burden and planning time on themselves, but it just hurts my heart when it is carelessly tossed on parents to pay for the extravagance.

Weddings should be a celebration of love and commitment, not a celebration of money. And often,the more extravagant and impersonal the wedding, the more the love gets lost in the planning, attention and rehersal. Theres no need for this. And there are far better things to spend the money on that will last for more than a few hours.
10/04 22:25:16
Weddings are fake fake fake fake. It's just a day of acting - an expensive one at that, that comprise of months of planning how to make it extra special fake and cheesy. Weddings are a waste of money, who needs to fork out that much to be fake, don't actors usually get paid? I hate that people who have weddings send out gift registry lists - if you want a new dinner set just go out and buy it, trust me it'll work out much cheaper in the end and you get to choose what you want without being so rude as to send someone a list stating so. I however have nothing against marriage, the only issue I have with marriage is that it normally comes with a wedding.
10/09 05:40:07
Weddings are fake fake fake fake. It's just a day of acting - an expensive one at that, that comprise of months of planning how to make it extra special fake and cheesy. Weddings are a waste of money, who needs to fork out that much to be fake, don't actors usually get paid? I hate that people who have weddings send out gift registry lists - if you want a new dinner set just go out and buy it, trust me it'll work out much cheaper in the end and you get to choose what you want without being so rude as to send someone a list stating so. I however have nothing against marriage, the only issue I have with marriage is that it normally comes with a wedding.
10/09 05:43:05
I thought I was the only one!

I hate weddings too! (Let's call them fund raisers). They are opportunities for people to act like the celebrities that they are not. My biggest new pet-peeve is people who double-indulge and 'book' themselves at their own wedding. If I have to watch one more amateur musician jump up with the band to reap more forced attention from a captive audience I think I will puke.

Some people get it right, I am not going to say everyone is a turd. But the second you start to 'worry about what people are buying you' or if you want to make all your bridesmaids look exactly the same, or worse yet if you 'don't invite kids or dates because they don't give gifts'. -You suck.
10/16 13:28:58
I never hated weddings until I was a bridesmaid. I'm in a very happy relationship with a guy (who was a groomsman), and it still was a miserable experience. Why? Because me and my boyfriend spent a small fortune on someone else's party. Plane tickets, wedding party outfits (never to be worn again of course), gifts, hotel...expecting your friends and family to sacrifice so much for "your big day" is so selfish! The bride and groom were able to keep THEIR costs down because they made everyone pay for everything themselves, and volunteered every relative they knew to make the reception food, take pictures, etc. They didn't even have air conditioning in the church (which resulted in the MOH passing out mid-vows) or any alcohol at the reception (the bride was 19...yeah).
So basically I realized that modern weddings are nothing more than a bride throwing herself a big party at the expense of her "loved ones", for no reason other than to celebrate the oh-so-unique experience of being in love. Me and my future husband are eloping, for the record.
11/12 22:55:47
I'm sorry I do not believe that one day in your life should be the bastion of your existence. In my mind weddings should focus on the union of two people and should be a private affair rather than the carnival it has become. There is no excuse for some of the treatment a bride can dish out to those involved to help make her day a success. As a maid of honor I have dealt with some extremely ungrateful behavior from the bride, who is supposed to be my good friend. The demands and ridiculous rules of this "position" are stretching me thin. I did not sign up to be treated like a sweatshop laborer in a third word country. She should have picked a Rockefeller for her M.O.H rather than myself..After this si over I will most likely break ties with her for good.
08/06 17:45:05
And what about the increasing pressure to jet off for girlie hen weekends abroad? Yes, you could say no - but at the expense of insulting the bride-to-be, who might not conceive that her actions are somewhat selfish.
08/12 00:35:48
Wonderful article. I been looking for one on a similar note. I guess you always have something up your sleeve.
07/01 22:52:02
Let's not forget the spiraling out of control divorce rate. Not only are you likely losing a friend, you also know this is a complete waste of time since they won't be together in ten years. After the wedding, the move across country, 2.5 kids, unattained personal goals, the divorce, child support, alimony, two jobs to keep up payments, still living in another time zone, it doesn't ever return to the good days.
08/27 05:09:41
Here is how I thinK:

Marriage is a very personal affair between a man and a woman. It is absolutely disgusting what it's turning into. I don't know how you can be so self centered with yourself to spend several thousands of dollars on a single night, which at the end, means NOTHING.

What ever happened to personal responsibility? Using the money towards a future home, or better yet, a future child's college fund?
03/22 19:18:40
Weddings and weeding rings are a complete WASTE OF MONEY!!! Ancient people, and even people today in parts of the world dont celebrate a wedding!! They just become someones wife! and there is no Ring exchange!! Weddings are a day for WOMEN! To Waste MONEY!! and be the Biggest BITCHES on Earth!!
09/02 09:47:21
I am getting married in November. We had planned and deposided down on a hall 1800 miles away in Chicago area . We are not kids , I am 59 and my groom is 69. We planned a beautiful get together for our familys , Thru careful planning we were able to secure and pay for a lovely decorated hall , with a D.J . and prime rib buffet . The total cost would have been $4,000.00. Including my $75.00 dress and 100.00 cupcake display . I planned on no flowers except a single rose ,. One of my kids and seeral guests expected us to pick up all the travelling expences . This would have cost more than the wedding , and got my grown children bickering . My MOH ended up ripping us off on the rent from our condo and her mother <my aunt> had a death in the family and they could not tell us how many would be attending our wedding 5 months down the line which meant not having the number and not knowing whether we needed 1 or 2 rooms . Their group made up 10 people . We only invited 45 . then my neice couldnt tell me i she was bringing 1 or 5 people . , and needed lodging . We knew we needed out . I cancelled the hall and they were gracious enough to let us use our $700.00 deposit for an "engagement dinner " instead . We are getting married in the Bahamas when my fiancee goes to satisfy his immigration , stay at his families rental cottage and call it a day . We will be celebrating on his island with no friends or family as we are getting married on a larger island before we ferry to his home. Total cost 200.00 plus our travel , which is required for his immigration anyway , We are going from Florida which is 600 miles from our destination and a 45 minuit flight . We saved thousands , and lots of headaches .
08/06 16:22:31
You're so cool! I don't believe I have read something like that before.
So wonderful to find another person with a few genuine thoughts on this topic.
Seriously.. many thanks for starting this up. This website is
something that is required on the internet, someone with a little originality!
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01/12 23:47:01
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A pension scheme <a href=" ">need 1000 dollars now lv</a> The big difference to 2005 was that if we had lost that match we would have been 2-0 down and dead and buried. England only played in third gear at Trent Bridge. They can move up to new levels. In 2005 when we lost the opening Test at Lord&rsquo;s we took the positives out of it: we bowled Australia out twice, none of them made a hundred, KP was good on debut and we were proactive. Australia have to do the same. The question from Trent Bridge will be how much damage has it done to Australia? Lose at Lord&rsquo;s and they are 2-0 down. There is no coming back from that.
01/13 05:59:20
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01/13 09:03:55
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01/13 15:04:00
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