Pretending Your Happy

The Point Where You Can't Complain

Friends DO let friends marry psychos. Why? Because if you try to say anything, you won't see your friend again, until the divorce.

We've been chronicling Jack's relationship with his former fiance "Jill" whom he allegedly caught doing the mailman on the day the invitations were supposed to go out.

I forgot I saved the instant message conversation where Jack told me he was getting engaged to Jill.

It's important to note that Jack and Jill broke up. Every weekend Jack's friends would take him out and introduce him to beautiufl women. Eventually we restored the confident man we once loved.

As soon as we rebuilt him he got back together with Jill and proposed four months later.

There comes a moment when you can no longer insult your friend's significant other. Here is the instant message conversation I had with Jack when he told me he was marrying Jill.

AFD: Another one bites the dust....
TJK: What do you mean?
AFD: Yes "Mr. I hate weddings" there will be another in your future...
TJK: Oh good god
AFD: lol
TJK: You've only been re-dating for 3 months
AFD: It's been 4 years... total
TJK: Before I say anymore . . . did you buy the ring? Did you ask yet?
AFD: Done and done

(Long Pause)

TJK: Then congratulations

I could have said "Jack, you're ruining your life." I could have said "Did you draw up the prenup?" I could have said "Make sure you move to a town with ugly mail men."

But I didn't. Why? Because Jack wouldn't have listened. He just would have resented my advice and then I wouldn't have been invited to the wedding.

So what do you do when a friend decides to commit to a doomed relationship. You fake glee and wait to say I told you so.

If you're really funny; you'll get tee shirts that say "I told you so." There is nothing like a visual to reinforce a point. In Jack's case he has two visuals: one of us wearing tee shirts saying we hated his fiance and the second image of her getting it on with the mail man.
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