16 Ways To Share Good News

The 21st Century has given us wonderful ways to communicate with one another. If the news is good and the friend is good you may want to give that friend the news the old fashioned way. I've ranked 16 Ways to Share Good News from best to worst.

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Can You Get Here In An Hour?

After getting a voicemail from an old friend, Tom finds out she's engaged and that the engagement party is in one hour. Tom learns how to go to an engagement party when you're not sure if the fiance is the old boyfriend.

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White Tuxedoes

Last month asked whether or not this man, Justin Calabrese was:

A) A Waiter
B) A Valet Parker
C) A Groomsman
D) A Devoted BoyzIIMen Fan

Here are the results!

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Reasons Guys Shouldn't Wear White Tuxes

I don't care if it's your wedding, guys. There is no reason on Earth you should be wearing a white tux. In fact, with the help of some friends, I've compiled a list of reasons why guys SHOULD NOT wear a tuxedo at their wedding.

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