Thank You Cards

Thank You CardWhen you give money at a wedding, does the couple thanking you need to tell you what they spent your gift on? Do you want to know what they spent the money on?

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Alcohol and Toasts

Tom Uses A Wall To Support HimselfEver hear the phrase "expect the least from those who talk the most"? That phrase can be applied to the creator of when he had to give a groomsman's toast at his best friend's wedding.

From his humiliating mistakes, brides, grooms and toast givers can learn some valuable lessons.

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Wedding Crashing Tips

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson aren't the only two people who have ever crashed a wedding. I know I have. You may not realize it, but you may have too!

Have you ever wandered into or spent at least SOME time at another wedding at the same reception hall?

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Why Tom Created

Thomas J. Kelly explains why he created In addition to sheer cattyness, he has a fewe other reasons are a little deeper than one might think.

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Talking About A Wedding

The amount of time you spent looking through a person's photos and reminiescing about their wedding should not be greater than the combined durations of the rehearsal, ceremony and reception.

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