Wedding Gift Calculator

Not all weddings are equal. Therefore every couple getting married does not deserve the same gift. When giving a gift for a wedding there are many factors you should consider so that you don't look cheap and more importantly so that you don't give too much.

Thomas J. Kelly has devised a mathematical formula for figuring out how much money to give at a wedding.

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Tissues For Your Tears Of Joy

TissuesIt's been trendy for couples to hand out "Tissues For Your Tears Of Joy" to guests who attend the ceremony. Thomas J. Kelly asks: "Is it cocky to PRESUME people are going to be crying tears of joy at your wedding?" and "Is it wrong to use the 'Tears of Joy' tisses for 'Snot of Hayfever'?"

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Wedding Is Canceled. Party Is Still On

Wedding Is Off.  Party Is OnThere have been three different engagement parties. The bridesmaids bought their dresses. The hall is booked. The deposits are paid. The only problem: the bride and groom have called it off.

Here is one couple's attempt at breaking even on a failed relationship.

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Creative Wedding Financing

A young groom is trying to finance his wedding by asking for money. But unlike most grooms, Luigi Casaretto is looking for sponsorship. Here is a story about how one man has turned to selling advertising on a web-site to finance the wedding of his dreams.

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