Your Responses: Don't Give A Gift In 2006

In response to I Hate's "Don't Give A Gift In 2006" campaign, one reader asks these questions: "Do you have to give a gift at a third wedding?" "Do you have to give a gift if the person makes that much more money than you?" and "Do you hate brides and grooms that think they are doing YOU a favor by inviting you to THEIR wedding?"

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I Hate Showers More

Becky in Ohio writes to us posing the question: "What's worse weddings or showers?" Do you know a "grubby" bride or groom? Leave us a comment with your story about most ridiculous shower or wedding gift request stories!

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July 4th Wedding Part II

Are weddings on Holiday weekends tacky? Readers responded to Thomas J. Kelly's piece on July 4th weddings with both fan and hatemail alike. After reading the mail, Kelly wrote a more specific follow up piece explaining his disdain for holiday weekend weddings.

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