Passive Agressive Way To Taunt A Bride

RSVP I found the most passive aggressive way to annoy a bride. Hold off RSVPing for as long as possible. It's so simple. Anyone can do it. All you have to do is NOT do something.

Not RSVPing is brilliant because it keeps the bride's family from knowing the final guest count. Not knowing the final guest count keeps the bride from doing a lot of things like ordering favors, paying the caterer, and planning the all important seating chart.

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Bridal Balloon Launch

Instead of lighting a "unity candle" or breaking glasses, at the end of their ceremony this couple launched a pair of balloons out over the ocean as a representation of their rising hopes and dream. It was beautiful until you realize in a few hours the balloons will deflate and fall into the ocean.

Nothing says "I love you" like choking a dolphin.

For their fifth anniversary they are going to club a seal.


Hot or Not: Releasing Balloons. Is launching polluting pieces of plastic into the air as a symbol of your love?
Hot: Releasing balloons is so beautiful. Let the seagulls strangle themselves. We're in love.
Not:: It's polluting. Releasing balloons over the ocean is one step below having the wedding guests throw their empty beer bottles into the ocean.
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Best Person To Make Out With

Who is the best wedding guest to have a drunken hook up with at the wedding? What's your opinion? We'd like to know.

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