The OTHER Bachelor Party

One solution to the "Do you invite the in-laws to the bachelor party?" situation is to have two bachelor parties.

You have the "bachelor party" that everyone knows about . . . and then you have the BACHELOR PARTY.

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Governor Spitzer Humor

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Signs You're A B-List Wedding Guest

I think the hardest part of planning a wedding is picking who you want to come to the wedding. Instead of voting people off the island, families have to "vote friends out of the reception." It's a hard process, especially for couples having smaller weddings.

But sometimes couples have the reverse problem. After they've boiled down the guest list to their favorite relatives and friends the RSVPs start coming in. They start to realize that their most treasured friends and family members don't want to come to their wedding.

Empty chairs means lost revenue for the bride and groom. Plus there is nothing more humiliating to a young couple getting married than empty tables at your reception.

It's at that point Brides and Grooms have to whip out "The B List" and sometimes things get so bad . . . they have to whip out "The D List."

Here are some signs you were a B List wedding guest.

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Funny Photoshopped Magazine Cover

From Something created it's "Photoshopped Magazine" edition. This would make a great cover for