Your Presence Is Not A Present

Who remembers the "Don't Give A Gift In 2006" campaign? I received a very thoughtful reply to this posting on the comment board and I wanted to share it. (It's probably from someone I stiffed at their wedding)

Should wedding guests be REQUIRED to give a wedding gift?
No. Your presence is a present.
Yes. Some small token of your appreciation is appropriate.
Yes. You should pay at least the cost of one "plate" (guest) at the affair

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Sunday Night Weddings

Well folks it's the elephant in the room when planning a wedding. Every now and then you get someone willing to throw a wedding on a Sunday night. Here's the official stance on Sunday night weddings.

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Green Wedding Tips

A comedienne friend Nancy Dadarrio is writing a blog about how to have a green wedding. I've looked through her blog and found that being green could be the gateway to having a great wedding where your guests don't end up resenting you.

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