Toast Tester

My friend Kathy needed help writing a toast for her friend Patti who is a dog groomer and Paul who is a plumber. What do you folks think of it? We need comments and advice.

If you need help writing a toast, I help write toasts for a fee of $50 dollars an hour. I've only had one customer in ten years. He was desperate. E-mail for more information on Wedding Toast Consultation!

Also leave some comments as to what you think the elements are to a good wedding toast. We're going to compile them and put them into an article.

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Wedding Prank Call

I'm not sure if this is the funniest wedding related thing ever but it was one of the most fun to do. My friend Joanna's mom was convinced she was going to get pregnant before her wedding. My mission was to call as "Father Flannagan" and let it slip that the engagement party was really going to be a wedding at the reception hall.

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The Morals Of I Hate

In this article, Thomas J. Kelly III the comedian who created responds to the recent flood of hate mail has received. He spells out the lessons he hopes to teach with this site!

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Bridezillas Attack

We got a flood of e-mails and comments after being linked to by I thought I'd share my favorite comment. We also got amazing hate mail on Sunday Weddings I have a feeling the comments were mostly from insecure brides who are planning Sunday weddings.

But my favorite piece of hatemail posted here is a reply to July 4th Weddings Part II

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