Bridal Sweat Suits

I’ve been to three weddings where in the last hour of the reception the bride takes off her white dress and puts on a white sweat suit. The suit has some sort of wedding related message written in sequins on her butt like “just married.” In my experience, the groom also slips into something more comfortable; tuxedo pants and a wife beater tee shirt.

The only way you could be trashier is if you were eight and a half months pregnant and marrying Kevin Federline.

Could this be the trashiest thing a bride can do at a wedding? Read the article and leave your thoughts.

Trashy or Not: Bridal Sweatsuits
Totally Trashy
Not Trashy At All . . . Let The Bride Relax
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Two Rainbows


This is a real picture taken by my friend Allison. During this couple's wedding reception two rainbows suddenly appeared. The bride and groom were in position and my friend Allison was able to snap the picture of the couple under the rainbow.

This rainbow thing is too good to be true.

Is this couple blessed or cursed? Will they be the world's best couple or will they be divorced by July? Leave comments.

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