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I thought that this groom captured the spirit of

I thought i'd point out his specific reply to the masses!

This site is fantastic.

I am getting married in October to a wonderful woman, but we have very different ideas about what a wedding is all about.

She sees it as her "big day". I see it as money that should be spent on buying a home. Every dollar that is spent on the wedding I see as flushed down the toilet. As my credit card bills increase, so does my frustration with the whole thing. Thankfully, she has attempted to save money where she can; however, I still see this as a rather large waste. I would've rather preferred a small, private wedding and a nice party afterwards.

My suggestion to anyone reading this, or who finds themselves agreeing, is to speak up early, because when the wedding train starts moving, there ain't no stopping it.

Jill and Kevin's Divorce Proceedings

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