Nice Day For A White Trash Wedding

I've compiled a short list of signs you might be at a trashy wedding!

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Tips For Containing A Potentially Unruly Guest

This is probably the first article I've ever written for a bride. Let's face it ladies, if you want him to make it down the aisle, you can't tell him not to invite his drinking buddies to your wedding. So here are some things you can do to keep his surly buddy from doing something obnoxious that ruins your whole wedding.

Should a bride be allowed to ask her groom not to invite a friend of his that she does not like to their wedding?
Yes, it's her special day. She should have veto power over the guest list.
Yes, but only if the guest in question might ruin the wedding.
No it's the groom's wedding too.
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When Your Fiance Says Don't Invite Him

Should a bride be allowed to tell her future husband not to invite one of his friends to a wedding? In general, I say no. But this horror story may make you say otherwise!

Here's a story about one guy who invited one of his rugby buddies . . . who was possibly the most horrific wedding guest ever!

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