Response To The Morals Of I Hate

Here is a response to the article "The Morals of I Hate" from Jordy.

Oh man. There are not words in the English language to describe how much I loathe and despise weddings. I'm a Christian and am all for marriage. but weddings are a sick joke. I hate the emotional voyeurism, in the sense that the couple are expected to get all sentimental and tearful in front of a crowd of hundreds; I hate the insane expense for a single day; I hate the way it all ends up being about everyone else's expectations and tradition and convention, even if it's utterly inappropriate to the particular couple; I hate the way all weddings are so generic and samey; I HATE the way that according to the traditional format, the men do all of the talking at the reception while the women sit in silence. If I never get invited to another wedding again it will be too soon for me. Gahhh.My good for nothing husband ditched me last year, but even in our happiest moments I regretted going along with all the fluffy crap and always wished we'd just eloped. If I get married again, that's what I'll be doing. No more drama.

Worst Wedding Date: Monday July 3rd

This comes from our reader Amanda who's friend is getting married on Monday July 3rd of this year! And a counterpoint from someone named Jeani.

I have friends who got married on July 3 (a Monday) because they stupidly and naively thought that everybody would have a 4-day weekend, what with July 4 being on a Tuesday. I was really upset because I had to work that day and I couldn't go. I have held a lot of different jobs, and I have NEVER worked anywhere that gives people off the day before or after July 4. What the hell were these people thinking? You're right: holiday weddings can backfire, depending on the holiday.

Counter Point:
Wow how funny that people get so worked up about things. Who really cares whether people get married on a Holiday. Get over it. And for all those who are getting married on the 4th may you have the wedding you want and don't listen to all these miserable people who have nothing better to do but belittle and humiliate others.

Signs You're At A Trashy Wedding V. 2.0

With suggestions and help from actual I Hate readers, I have updated our "Signs You Are At A Trashy Wedding" list. This list includes suggestions from friends and I Hate readers. Whether your friends are White Trash, Long Island White Trash, or some other variety of trash there should be something on the list that rings true for you.

If there's something we forgot to add leave a comment and I'll put it into version 3!

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