Wants To Leave A Bridal Party

This person needs your advice. How do you tell a bride you want OUT of their wedding party. Leave some comments.

Dear I Hate Weddings.com,
I have to ask for some help here. I agreed to be in my best friendís wedding as a bridesmaid a few months ago. Since then I have encountered tough economic times with my employer cutting out my position and moving me to part-time status. I have a family to feed and my husband's hours have also been cut. Ican no longer afford this wedding and I want to bail.

She is so into herself and it makes me sick that one conversation we had about the foreclosed home situations led her to saying that it the homeowner's own fault for living beyond their means!

For crying out loud she is getting a loan to pay for a huge dream wedding and then wants to buy a house after?

I laugh because she is extremely clueless to economic downfalls and has no idea of how this "loan" for the wedding could've been her downpayment for a home~!

I am not sure how to tell her- maybe I should just be honest and tell her straight up how I canít afford to be in her wedding?