Bought Close To Registry, Told To Return It

Do you buy the bride and groom gifts off the registry? What if you found something similar to what the bride and groom asked for on the registry and thought it was nicer, would you give it to them instead? What would you do if the bride then called you and said "That is not what I asked for . . . RETURN IT!"

Here is a true story from an "Angry Maid Of Honor" and a reply from the creator of

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Hate Mail: Reply To Don't Give A Gift

My favorite part about this web-site is the comment board. There are some people who simply just aren't smart enough to figure out that this web-site was written by a comedian.

But what I find unique about this particular piece of hate mail is this guy thinks that being a rude wedding guest makes you a "cheap liberal."

This particular rant is written by a guy named "57 States" who was offended by my article suggesting that wedding guests should unite and stop giving wedding gifts.


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