Unmarried Sibling’s Sister Wedding

Here is another e-mail from and I hate reader:

I am currently trying to plan my wedding. I am in a tough spot.

On the weekend in April 2012 when I want to get married, my brother's birthday is on Saturday. I know having a wedding on an unmarried sibling's birthday is the ultimate thunderstealing.

So which is worse, getting married on a sibling's birthday or getting married on a Sunday? I'm guessing I'll have to choose the Sunday to get married.

Erica T.

How about this? If you're planning that far away why not pick May 2012? That'll make your single sibling less suicidal. Don't be a thunder stealing douche bag.

Who Should Call? creator Tom Kelly answers an e-mail from a reader:

I need to know if I should of called my sister after she walked out of my daughter's wedding. No explanation, nothing.

We went to sit down and I was told that she left with her son, (who is 26) The next day I hosted a brunch, at the hotel for guests that were staying.

She keeps telling my mom that etiquette says, I should have called, to find out why she left.

I feel that she should tell me why she left. It was very hurtful, and expensive paying for two dinners that were not eaten. That is besides the point.

I need to settle this. Thanks.

Mrs. J

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Sent Them A Bill

My friend "Bob" had someone RSVP to his wedding. They did not show up for the wedding. He and his wife sent them a bill for their plate. What do you think of this?