Who Should Call? creator Tom Kelly answers an e-mail from a reader:

I need to know if I should of called my sister after she walked out of my daughter's wedding. No explanation, nothing.

We went to sit down and I was told that she left with her son, (who is 26) The next day I hosted a brunch, at the hotel for guests that were staying.

She keeps telling my mom that etiquette says, I should have called, to find out why she left.

I feel that she should tell me why she left. It was very hurtful, and expensive paying for two dinners that were not eaten. That is besides the point.

I need to settle this. Thanks.

Mrs. J

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Sent Them A Bill

My friend "Bob" had someone RSVP to his wedding. They did not show up for the wedding. He and his wife sent them a bill for their plate. What do you think of this?