Your Presence Is Not A Present

Who remembers the IHateWeddings.com "Don't Give A Gift In 2006" campaign? I received a very thoughtful reply to this posting on the comment board and I wanted to share it. (It's probably from someone I stiffed at their wedding)

Should wedding guests be REQUIRED to give a wedding gift?
No. Your presence is a present.
Yes. Some small token of your appreciation is appropriate.
Yes. You should pay at least the cost of one "plate" (guest) at the affair

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Passive Agressive Way To Taunt A Bride

RSVP I found the most passive aggressive way to annoy a bride. Hold off RSVPing for as long as possible. It's so simple. Anyone can do it. All you have to do is NOT do something.

Not RSVPing is brilliant because it keeps the bride's family from knowing the final guest count. Not knowing the final guest count keeps the bride from doing a lot of things like ordering favors, paying the caterer, and planning the all important seating chart.

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Celebrity Bride's Maid Dress

This bride's maid felt like a celebrity when wearing her dress. Which celebrity did she feel like? Click inside to see and leave a comment.

Celebrity Bride'smaid Dress

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Bachelor Parties Don't Need Hookers

A bachelor party does not have to be a crazy event. As Thomas J. Kelly prepares for a golf weekend bachelor party he contemplates the different reasons for having a bachelor party.

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July 4th Wedding

Tom shares some thoughts on having to go to his friend Bruce's wedding . . . on July 4th.

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Invitation Nation

How should a couple place their parents' names on the invitation? What if the groom's side is paying for the wedding? What if the bride's father just isn't as well-to-do as the groom's father? What if her parents are divorced? What if she has an aunt that is like a mother? Wording an invitation can put the very marriage at risk. Thomas J. Kelly spells out some simple rules for Brides and Grooms to remember when drafting their invites.

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Don't Give A Wedding Gift

I Hate Weddings.com is the first official wedding etiquette site with the balls to say you don't have to give a gift just because it's customary! Join Tom's campaign to "Stop Giving Gifts In 2006!" If we stop giving brides and grooms gifts, maybe future couples won't expect them.

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Wedding Is Canceled. Party Is Still On

Wedding Is Off.  Party Is OnThere have been three different engagement parties. The bridesmaids bought their dresses. The hall is booked. The deposits are paid. The only problem: the bride and groom have called it off.

Here is one couple's attempt at breaking even on a failed relationship.

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Creative Wedding Financing

A young groom is trying to finance his wedding by asking for money. But unlike most grooms, Luigi Casaretto is looking for sponsorship. Here is a story about how one man has turned to selling advertising on a web-site to finance the wedding of his dreams.

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Thank You Cards

Thank You CardWhen you give money at a wedding, does the couple thanking you need to tell you what they spent your gift on? Do you want to know what they spent the money on?

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