Tom Kelly Crashes A Wedding

Tom Kelly talks about one reason why men should crash weddings. Then shows a clip of himself actually crashing a wedding.

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Girl With No Pants

While at a bachelor party in Atlantic City, Thomas J. Kelly gets into the back of a car and encounters a girl with no pants.

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Bachelor Party Fun Part 3

Will this guy at the clubby club dance with Tom while he's at Rolling Thunder's Bachelor Party? This is a much happier clip than the car video I posted yesterday.

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Bachelor Party Fun Part 2: Pimp My Bride

A group of Bridesmaids decorated this car for a bachelorette party weekend in Atlantic City. Thomas J. Kelly discovers a reason why these decorations might be ESPECIALLY inappropriate.

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Bachelor Party Kick Off: Part 1

Thomas J. Kelly and several friends kick off "Rolling Thunder's" bachelor party night in the Hooters in Atlantic City. In this video produced for IHateWeddings.com and the podcast ThisShowAgain.com, Tom debates whether or not bachelor parties get lamer as you get older.

This is part one of a six part series.

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Tom Kelly Stand Up On Funny Or Die

This is a "wedding humor" chunk of my stand up. If you get time, please watch it to the end and give it a "funny" vote on Funny Or Die.com

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Jill and Kevin's Divorce Proceedings

We've all seen the video for Jill and Kevin's wedding entrance. But what will things be like in the not too distant future when they get divorced?

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The Fuxedo

From the musical comedy team of Stuckey and Murray a web-video promoting their new clothing line which is strangely appropriate for weddings.

Wedding Prank Call

I'm not sure if this is the funniest wedding related thing ever but it was one of the most fun to do. My friend Joanna's mom was convinced she was going to get pregnant before her wedding. My mission was to call as "Father Flannagan" and let it slip that the engagement party was really going to be a wedding at the reception hall.

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