Are Destination Weddings Self-Centered?

I have to take my family to my husband’s sister’s destination wedding in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this year. Destination weddings are the most SELF CENTERED way of being married.

Forget having to pay for a hotel. Forget having to pay for airfare for me, my husband and my two kids. I am a freelancer. I have to give up a week’s pay to pay attention to your special day.

And don’t tell me not to go. I’d be branded as the DEVIL by my in-laws if I skipped this.

Basically a destination wedding is Bridezilla's way of picking your family’s wedding. My sister-in-law is basically saying "Guess what Anderson family . . . you can't take your kids to Disney World. You have to take them to South Carolina for my special day this year.”

The even bigger slap in the face is that my sister-in-law is having a three hundred person reception on Long Island when they get back. So now she’s tied up TWO weekends of my summer.

Thank you Princess. Thank you so much.

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