Hate Mail: Reply To Don't Give A Gift

My favorite part about this web-site is the comment board. There are some people who simply just aren't smart enough to figure out that this web-site was written by a comedian.

This particular rant is written by a guy named "57 States" who was offended by my article suggesting that wedding guests should unite and stop giving wedding gifts.

But what I find unique about this particular piece of hate mail is this guy thinks that being a rude wedding guest makes you a "cheap liberal."

Before you give this guy too much credit, I did a lot to fix up his paragraph structure, spelling and punctuation to make his rant readable.

Because I'm not only a bad wedding guest and a "cheap liberal", I'm also a grammar snob.


Reply To: Don't Give A Wedding Gift

I can promise you this guy is a cheap liberal. Most have no common sense. I could not believe this guy actually made a web site about this, sure wedding's are expensive, I know I just got married 2 days ago, but we paid out of our own pocket and had no intentions on being greedy.

I was raised to give at weddings, I go to two.

I have been to many, and what he failed to mention is it is the companies that sell party the favors, flowers, halls, limo's etc. Are the ones who are scamming!! Just mention marriage and the price rises 500%.

Please anyone reading this, if you agree with this ass then do not go to any wedding. Please .... you will NOT be missed!

If you are going through tough times at least buy a card, that's fine with us, We had several of those types. We had open bar at the rehearsal, the scrubs were hanging at the bar doing shot after shot the whole time, we spent $1,500.00. Talk about taking advantage! Some of those scrubs were the ones that did not even give a gift or a card at the reception.

Me and my fiance went to their weddings and we always a hundred a piece, out of 150 people 30 gave nothing, not even a card!

The rest were more than generous, some extremely generous. We will wait a month or two because I'm sure some people were either drunk and forgot or they took the box away to soon or they might mail it to u.

Whatever maybe a late registry present, hell one card was found in a plant!

We know there is a recession, but if you are broke at least bring a $5 dollar Dunkin donuts card or a card period, to not do so is very cheesy!!

5 of them [the guys who stiffed this douche on a gift] were my band mates ...we were very shocked!!

I hate to bring politics in this but the good traditions of this country are being destroyed by asses like this guy who went out of his way to make a web site up!

lol What a loser, and I could not believe all the people agreeing with him!

Most of the young in this country are truly losing sight of traditions, charity and good human nature, respect and good will is falling short in this country, we went from the greatest generation during World War II to now the shittiest generation of liberal idiots like this jerk off, soon taking down the dead vets crosses because it offends certain people.

Sean Leurini
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