Bought Close To Registry, Told To Return It

Rude Bride and Groom

Iím maid of honor at a wedding in two weeks. I organized a $1000 present between the entire bridal party and bought it last week for them.

The registry called the bride and groom, and told them I bought a present off the registry (which was a nicer version of what they wanted). The bride and groom had the audacity of calling me to ask me to return the present, and buy them what they WANTED from the registry.

If I could do it again, I wouldnít get them anything. And they were the classiest couple before this whole event ... itís really sad.

Sad Maid Of Honor

Here is a message to the bride and groom: Feel lucky you got a gift. I think it's very classy that you have a bridal party who in addition to buying dresses and renting tuxedoes and going to your showers and bachelor parties teamed up and bought you a present that was close to what you wanted.

A gift is given freely with thought from the giver. If you buy off the registry you're just "picking up something the bride wants." Why not just send your wedding guests out grocery shopping while you're at it? Need a dozen eggs and a pack of smokes from the Quick Mart? I'm on it.

Here's what Bridezilla and Groom Kong should have done: Accept the gift graciously and try to like it. Or pretend to like it and then RETURN IT when no one was looking.

Telling someone who gives you a gift to return something isn't a gift giving process. Paris Hilton is nicer to her assistants.

I hope this is a Jewish wedding so that way when the bridal party lifts bride and groom up in their chairs on the dance floor, they can drop you to the ground like the self-centered animals that you are.

Angry maid of honor, want to be funny and tell us who they are and send some pictures?

Best Regards,
Thomas J. Kelly
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