Help Me With My Wedding Invite

Help Her With A Wedding Invite
This I Hate reader needs help writing her invite. She wrote me a note asking for help:

“My problem isn't my parents. They are the one thing normal. This is my second marriage and I kept [my ex’s] last name. Many people don't even recognize my [maiden] name as me. So what or how do I write all that. My fiance’s mother passed away last year, so how do you honor her memory in the invitation? Also his ex-stepmother (divorced) will be there. My fiance is mostly paying for the wedding. My parents and I are chipping in.

My answer: “Jane Smith daughter of Rich and Elaine Maiden Name . . . and Richard Jones son of Father and Mother request the honor of your presence at their wedding.” The ex-stepmother does not get a mention on the invite even though we all love her.

Here are what some of my Facebook friends thought of your problem:

"Me and him invite you to share in our wedding day nuptials... blah blah blah. Leave out everyone else no matter who is paying. No one cares anyway." - Aimee A.

""I'd probably not honor the deceased on a Wedding invitation, but I'd write this:
Fiance X and Bride, who was married before, along with his Dad, step-Mom, and her Parents, who are chipping in, invite you to attend their wedding. BYOB." - Jennifer C.

""We have experienced love... in our parents, our families and friends and now a new love in each other. Together with our parents, we Bride's name and Groom's name invite you to share with us a celebration of love. The ceremony will be held at yada yada etc." - Alisha S.

"You write... I think I still love my ex so I will honor him by keeping his last name. As for his mother, who was sweet, compassionate and caring I dedicate my new vows to her." - Erik T.

"It's the fiance's ex-step-mom...maybe he had a great relationship w/her...maybe his dad is the douche" - Katie N.

"Mothers from a prior relationship should not be there at ALL!!" - Erik T.

"Since you have been married before ... You are no longer a virgin and should live in isolation and shame." - Craig C.

"Clearly this should be a Vegas wedding." - Skippy

"I say call the whole thing off. Way to much bs to deal with already and this is just the invitation. She'll probably be divorced in a year anyway. So dump the guy, get a make over, go back to hangin out in bars and pick up some young guy and do things you always wanted to do but were afraid how your fiance would react. Then if you still wanna get married, get back with your ex cause you obviously still love him." - Skippy

Her question was originally posted on this Article: Invitation Nation.
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