Who Should Call?

First, I want to apologize for not answering sooner. The comments section on this blog gets clogged up with spam mail. It took forever for me to sort through six months worth of fan mail, hate mail, questions, and spam.

I wanted to make a point of answering your e-mail quickly. Now, normally this is a comedic blog where I give tongue-in-cheek responses to normal etiquette questions concerning weddings. I feel like you need an honest and straightforward response.

The bottom-line is your both right and you're both wrong.

For the most part, I'm going to take your side in this argument because you have good taste in wedding etiquette blogs. I'm

Amongst the many things I hate about weddings are the etiquette and the scorekeeping. Yes, she should have called you after walking out on one of the most special days of your life. But what if it was important? What if the kid had a kidney stone?

The bottom line is it seems like your sister is a drama queen who couldn't handle the spotlight being on somebody else for a day. It seemed like she managed to take an event that was about somebody else ( her niece) and turn it into something that is about her (fighting with you).

So here's the question: what's more important being right or your relationship with your drama queen sister?

Even though she should have called to tell you why she walked out, even though you had bigger things to worry about that weekend… I think you could've picked up the phone after the wedding weekend was over.

The bottom line is if your sister has time to be upset that you didn't call during your daughter's wedding weekend, whatever reason she left probably wasn't that important.

But what is the price of being right? Never talking to your sister again?

So here's my advice: forget about it.

Give the crazy old bag a phone call. Show some interest in her petty little problems. Go on with your life. Life is too short for scorekeeping. (Even though I think you're the one who deserves a point in her column).

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