16 Ways To Share Good News

By Thomas J. Kelly

The 21st Century has given us wonderful ways to communicate with one another. I don't care if you're pregnant, engaged, or got a new job in a new country. If the news is good and you value the friendship, you may want to give that friend the news the old fashioned way.

I've ranked ways to share positive life-changing news from the "best" to the "worst".

1. In Person
If you can, tell a friend that you are engaged or pregnant in person. Let's face it, once you achieve your good news, my social life is about to get worse. So, you might as well break the news to me gently over a beer.

2. Telephone
I know it seems retro, but Alexander Graham Bell's invention still withstands the test of time. The nice thing about the phone is it carries your voice. Who'd of thought, 100 years after Bell invented the phone, America Online would invent Instant Messaging which is essentially, a high end telegraph.

3. Hand Written Note

There is something nice about a hand written note that says "hey, I took the time to write you and only you to tell you about this news."

4. Western Union Or Telegraph Service
I don't know if they even offer this anymore. But I think it would be cool to be in a 1950's movie and get a telegraph. They read the word "stop" after each sentence.

"I have good news stop. I'm marrying my girlfriend who hates you stop."

The novelty kind of takes the edge off of bad news.

5. Singing Telegram
For some reason it seems wrong to have an unemployed actor wearing adult diapers go to your mom's place of work singing a song that she's going to be a grandma to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy.

However, if a guy wants to send a strippergram to tell his guy friend's he's engaged, that's acceptable.

6. Voice Mail
When you leave your news on an answering machine you're saying "I wanted to tell you myself. But I didn't want to tell you so badly, that I was going to answer your call when you called back."

7. Typed Letter
There is something romantic about a piece of paper traveling across a distance. At least it shows you took the time to have the dog lick the stamp and walk it to the mailbox.

8. E-mail
Sometimes, technology is the only way to get a hold of someone after the phone has failed. Even if the note isn't personal, make it look personal. Write "Hi Tom" at the top and feign interest in my life. It makes your bliss easier to swallow.

9. Mass E-mail
When you send a mass-email you're essentially saying "I like you. I don't like you enough to call you. You are a 'second tier' friend."

When you tell friends good news via email you are also saying "I'm not sure if I like you enough to invite you. Your personalized reply will indicate how much you value our friendship."

10. Blind Carbon Copied E-mail

A blind carbon copied e-mail says everything a mass e-mail says. It also says: "I'm telling a few hundred other people the good news with this same note and I don't trust you with their e-mail addresses."

11. Instant Message
Even though Instant Message is one-on-one I consider it lower than an e-mail. At least with an e-mail you have to form full sentences and paragraphs.

Sharing good news over IM says you either don't value the friendship or you don't care much about the news. I don't care how many emoticons you use when telling me the news. Something is wrong.

12. Text Message
When you share news via text message you're saying, "Since I don't have the words to express my joy, I will not spell them correctly."

A text message is so impersonal you abbreviate the words.

My friend Mike asked me to speak at his wedding via text message. The message read: "Do u want to speak at my wedding? It occurred to us that while you wouldn't b expected 2 u may want 2."

I had no idea whether he really wanted me to speak at his wedding or it was an afterthought while he was at the Mall.

13. Forwarded Mass E-mail
Basically, you forgot to include someone on the list but someone else realized your omission.

14. Blog, MySpace or Podcast
If you put your news someplace public and strangers are learning your good news before your friends, your friends are going to be hurt.

My friend Mike McGarrigle shared the news that his wife was pregnant on a podcast I co-host It was funny because we were pretty sure it was the first time in recorded history anyone ever shared such good news on a podcast.

Mike and his wife Deirdre immediately started calling friends and family once the show aired.

15. Carrier Pigeon
Carrier Pigeons were popular ways to share good news back in World War I. Messages sent by pigeon have to be short. It's essentially a text message that can crap on your car.

16. Smoke Signals and Morse Code

I don't mean to offend any Native Americans or relatives of Samual Morse but if someone has to decode your good news, your better off not telling anyone at all.
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