Broken Traditions

As time passes, certain matrimonial traditions fade into the past. As with all progress, when a tradition goes the way of the tape player, there are certain benefits and there are certain things you miss.

Tradition Broken: Arranged Marriages
Now guys don't have to worry about mom and dad picking their wives for them and having to get married by 25.

What Guys Gained
The right to pick whatever girls they chose.  Not having to deal with the
village matchmaker. 

What Guys Lost
The Dowry and a "Safety" if they can't find a girl on their own.

Tradition Broken: Promising To Obey
Having the priest make the bride promise to OBEY the groom has been phased out of modern nuptials.

What Guys Gained
Women they can respect and be partners with.

What Guys Lost
Ability to win any argument by saying:  "didn't you promise to obey me?"

Tradition Broken: Objecting At Weddings
The phrase "speak now or forever hold your peace." is heard less and less often
now a days.

What Guys Gained
No more coughing from their friends who came to the church drunk.
There is less of a chance of a friend yelling "I've had sex with that man" during the ceremony.

What Guys Lost
Hope that her insane ex-boyfriend will run into the church, proclaim his love for the bride and take her off the groom's hands.

Tradition Broken: Crazy Bachelor Parties
Bachelor parties with booze, cocaine and strippers is becoming a cliche. More and more often you see enjoing classier forms of male bonding like golf.

What Guys Lost
Last night of freedom with his boys.
An excuse to be drunk at the altar.

What Guys Gained
Satisfaction of being certain they didn't kill a hooker during the bachelor party.

Tradition Broken: Bride Taking Groom's Last Name
It's becoming more and more common for the bride to not take the last name of the groom.

What Guys Lost
A sense of family and bonding with the woman they love.

What Guys Gained
It's slightly easier to flirt with unknowing women at parties where your wife is in the room.

Tradition Broken Bride Wearing White At A Wedding
Brides no longer have to wear a white wedding dress on the most special day of
her life.

What Guys Gained
A chance to see his wife in a sexier outfit on her wedding day.

What Guys Lost
Grandma thinks your wife is a slut.

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