Creative Wedding Financing

Soon to be groom, Luigi Casaretto, has turned to selling advertising on a web-site to finance his wedding. Even though his web-site is on the Internet, don't tell his fiance, Melissa. It's a secret. He plans to surprise her with the money.

On the site, advertisers can purchase tiny little squares for $50 dollars a piece. Each square costs $50. The square will always be on as long as the life of the website. With 1,000 squares on the site, Casaretto stands to make up to $50,000 dollars.

After getting married, young couples often fight about money. I'm against extravagant weddings because often couples spend more than they can afford on the wedding and start their new life together in debt.

I know a guy who is still paying off credit card bills from his wedding from ten years ago. Sadly, he got divorced five years ago.

This guy Luigi found a way to give his dream girl a dream wedding: corporate sponsorship.

How far will this go? How do you top this guy? Soon corporations will start sponsoring other parts of the nuptials.

1-800 Flowers can sponsor the floral arrangements. We can get the couple a new refrigerator so long as the ice sculpture says: Frigidaire. The groomsmen can sell advertising on the back of their tuxedoes. Hell, while we're at it, there's prime advertising space available on the bride's ass!

I've always felt that brides and grooms are well-dressed pan handlers. Luigi Casaretto has raised the bar for young couples. Soon brides and grooms may start to resemble NASCARs.

Here's a question: if the guy's wedding is subsidized by advertising, to guests have to give a gift?

I'm torn as to whether or not I think is ingenious or a load of crap. The one thing I'm sure of is Star Jones is going to be ticked she didn't think of this first.
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