July 4th Wedding Part II

Reasons It's Rude To Have A Holiday Wedding

By Thomas J. Kelly

Many of you have commented on my article ranting about how unhappy I was my friend Bruce and his fiance had their wedding on wedding held on July 4th of this year. In response, to your positive and negative comments, I want to make my thesis clear: Having your wedding on a holiday weekend is inconsiderate to your guests for both financial and scheduling purposes. Plus, it's tacky.

Your Doing It To Save Money
When you plan an event like a wedding on a holiday weekend, you are being rude. The reason many couples plan their weddings on a holiday weekend is simple: money. They happy crazy little bride wants her perfect million dollar wedding . . . even if daddy only has $500 grand. The couple (becaue the groom is an enabler) doesn't care who they have to inconvenience to make sure Princess gets the reception hall with the wild peacocks and the lake view.

Don't get me wrong, there are exceptions to the rule. There are ways to use a holiday weekend to honor family and close friends. This wasn't one of those.

Many Guests Will Bail Out
This was a 400 person wedding. Too bad only 200 people actually showed up.

For Every Dollar You Save, The Guests Pay Two

When you have a wedding on a holiday, savings on the hall can be anywhere from 30 to 50 %. Sadly, the money you save will be spent by the good people crazy enough to spend your special day with you on travel and lodging.

Simply put, airfare goes up when the largest amount of people want to travel. When do people want to travel most? Holidays.

Bruce's wedding was in Newport, Rhode Island, the most popular beach destination on the most popular beach weekend of the year.

Neither he nor his wife are from Newport. Having your wedding in Newport is a status symbol for people from Massachusetts. (See, New Englanders aren't just low class at Red Sox games.)

The hotel the bride and groom chose was $300 dollars a night with a three night minimum stay. Luckily I was staying with some resourceful friends who found a hotel at an industrial park in Warwick, Rhode Island. Sadly we had a ninety minute drive (with traffic) from our hotel to the wedding festivities.

Your Friends Will Sit In Traffic
Oh and did I mention traffic?

Bruce and his bride are mad I wrote about their July 4th wedding. Have a sense of humor. You got married on July 4th. I had a sense of humor sitting in 6 hours of traffic on the 5th.

Your Guests Will Hate You
Many of you who read this site, wrote to me saying if you're that unhappy, then don't go. Maybe next time I won't. But brides and grooms know this . . . if you have a wedding on a holiday weekend, everyone attending quietly resents you.

Even your grandmother

Everyone in that reception hall will quietly hate you in some way shape or form. The guests from out of town, your friends who wanted to make other plans, your bridesmaids, the people from the catering hall who had to work because of you and possibly even your own grandmother will all hate you.

They just won't have the balls to say it.

If July 4th is the only day you can afford to get the wedding of your dreams . . . well then you can't afford a 400 person wedding. Do the world a favor: elope.

Why Didn't I Just Say No?
Many of you have asked about why didn't I just say 'no' to the Fourth of July wedding.

I had a whole bunch of funny answers to this question but the honest answer is because I love the kid. I'll always remember how happy he looked when his bride said "I do."

And the traffic. I'll also always remember the traffic.

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