I Hate Showers More

I Hate Showers More
By Becky In Ohio

I don't think that bridal showers are getting enough hate mail on this here it goes....

I HATE BRIDAL SHOWERS! I'm actually getting married in a few months, and am still being badgered for not having one (or three, which is the norm now). I think they're blatant requests for gifts (gifts going to couples that most likely already live together and have way nicer things than me).

Does any woman out there actually enjoy going to one of these (when it's not your own daughter reaping all the rewards)? They're horrible, and it's so unfair that only women get stuck with these stupid traditions (baby showers too).

I can understand a baby shower when you're having your first child, but really bridal showers are getting ridiculous. I've heard so many horror stories about the lengths parents have gone through to get gifts and money for their newlywed children, and it makes me sick.

If anything, I think bridal showers and related gifts need to be outlawed and not the wedding gifts. I think you should post an article asking for the most ridiculous bridal shower scams for money, I'm sure you'll get some good ones!

Recently a coworker showed me a card (not an invitation) that was announcing a marriage in a European country (where they were both studying abroad). It requested that money be sent to a certain bank account to pay for their honeymoon. This was about a year ago and no type of reception was ever held.

Becky In Ohio

Note From Tom:
As per "I Hate Showers More's" request: Comment us with your most ridiculous shower or wedding gift request stories
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