Your Responses: Don't Give A Gift In 2006

"YOU ARE SO RIGHT ON! I am sick of being invited to weddings"


Wait until you begin to be invited to *multiple* weddings for the same person. I know of people who are getting married for the 2nd or 3rd time and they're still having big weddings, still inviting everyone, and still expecting big gifts.

I was invited to my great uncle's third wedding. This is a guy who makes $250K+ per year, has a city house and a beach house, and is obviously doing very well for himself. I'm happy for him. He's friendly. He's a nice guy. But now he was getting married for the third time and again he was having an elaborate wedding.

I drew a line in the sand. I said no. For one I already knew what was going to happen. During the toast the following phrases would be uttered..."soul mates... meant to be together... will be together forever... true love..." Blah. Blah. Blah. (I suppose those phrases didn't count at the last two weddings I attended for this guy.) Secondly, I don't think that a young guy like myself who is single and financially trying to make it on his own should have to spend money on yet another wedding for this guy who is obviously doing much better than I am.

And for the love of God let me tell you future married-folks this: some of us may want to come to your wedding, some of us may not. But stop acting like you're doing me a big favor by inviting me. It may be your "special day" but for me it's nothing more than a buffet that costs $100.

Rude, ostentatious, gaudy, materialistic, fund-raising, foolish, unreasonable... geez I can't think of any other words to describe these events.
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