Sunday Night Weddings

If youre planning a Sunday night wedding I have an idea for you. Instead of sending out invitations just send out little notes that say Im getting married but I dont want you to come to my wedding.

And for the relatives that HAVE to go to your wedding send them a little note that says I hate you.

Last month I went to a wedding reception that STARTED at 7:00 P.M. on a Sunday night. Im usually in bed by 6:45 on Sunday nights.

Sunday weddings are worse than holiday weekend weddings. Its the bride and grooms way of getting the hall cheap so they look like they are having a big wedding. Just remember when you look back at all of the pictures your guests are secretly saying My God, I have work tomorrow.

You want your guests to eat, drink and dance at your wedding. But if your wedding is on a Sunday they cant eat, drink and dance too much otherwise theyll be hung over at work on Monday.

The only thing worse than a Sunday wedding is a mid week wedding. I went to a Thursday wedding two years ago. The couple got divorced after ten months. Frankly if youre not willing to pay for a Saturday wedding, youre not that into the relationship.
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