Bachelor Parties Don't Need Hookers

Let me make clear that a bachelor party does not have to be a crazy event.

My friend Bryan is having his bachelor party at the end of February He made it very clear that his bachelor party weekend was not the traditional stag party. It was just a weekend of golf with the boys.

He then admonished me not to turn it into a more colorful event like I had with our friend "Jonesy."

I told Bryan there was a subtle difference. At Jonsey's bachelor party we were trying to ruin the wedding. Jonsey had what we called Cameron syndrome. He was a dorky guy who was marrying the first woman he slept with . . . and that woman was Satan's daughter.

At that bachelor party we were on a mission to get Jonsey laid. We took him out to Baskin Robbins. We wanted him to sample some of the thirty one flavors. My feeling was if he tried Mint Chocolate Chip, he wouldn't marry Vanilla.

Sadly he did marry Vanilla and now he's on a Rocky Road.

Party planners need to consider why they are throwing a stag party. Is it A) one last night out with friends? B) a celebration of good times? Or C) are you trying to ruin the marriage?

Figure out your goal and then formulate your game plan!
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