Nice Day For A White Trash Wedding

Nice Day For A White Trash Wedding
What are some other signs you’re at a ghetto or trashy wedding?

The Bride does a keg stand.
The Bride wears a bridal sweat suit.
The Bride is pregnant.
The Bride is pregnant and the groom doesn’t think he’s the father.
The flower girl is the couple’s child.
The maid of honor is baby momma to two of his kids.
Bridal party arrives in Ford F 150.
Bride’s father actually points a shot gun at the groom.
The Bride’s mother catches the bouquet.
The Bride’s sixteen year old sister catches the bouquet.
Someone brought the bachelor party stripper as a date.
The reception is held at the same place as the bachelor party.
All of the horderves are served on Triscuits.
Wedding held at local Hooters.

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