Bride’s Brother at bachelor party?

Bride’s Brother At The Bachelor Party

Dear I Hate Weddings Dude,

I’m the best man at a wedding. The bride’s brother is in the wedding party. Do I have to invite him? The bride is insistent that because the brother is in the wedding party . . . he has to be invited to the bachelor party! What should I do?


Concerned Best Man

First of all being in the wedding party is not an invitation to the bachelor party.

The wedding party is a mix of friends of the bride and groom. The bachelor party is a party thrown in honor of the man no longer becoming a bachelor. Being a male relative or friend of the bride does not get you into the Bachelor party.

Think of a wedding as a joint mission between Superman and Batman. In this case, the groom will be Batman. Now Batman likes Superman. But Batman doesn’t then say “oh by the way, my name is Bruce Wayne. Want to come see my Batcave?”

The bottom line is you don’t invite an enemy agent back to camp. That’s what the bride’s brother is . . . he’s a spy.

The bachelor party is the grooms last weekend of freedom. How free is he going to feel with a spy looking in on him?

Now a days, bachelor parties have evolved into politically correct golf weekends. I’m not saying you have to get a hooker at the bachelor party, but the groom should have the FREEDOM to get a hooker.

There are two questions you should ask every guest at the bachelor party:

1) Would it bother you if a stripper “pleasured” the groom?

2) Would you tell the bride if a stripper “pleasured” the groom?

If the answer isn’t no to both questions, you can’t come.

There is no double standard here. The bride deserves the same freedom the groom does at her bachelorette parties. same thing goes for sisters at bachelorette parties. The question women should ask at a bachelorette party should be:

1) Would it bother you if a male hooker pleasured the bride?

2) Would you tell the groom if a male hooker pleasured the bride?

I’m not advocating strippers or hookers at these events. My examples are extreme.  But debauchery does occur. And when it doesn’t occur a bachelor party is the freedom to celebrate your last weekend of immorality and immaturity, even if you handle it in a moral and mature way.

As a best man or Maid of Honor . . . asks the guests those two questions. And if you’re invited to someone else’s bachelor party you ask yourself those two questions. If the answer is yes to either . . . do yourself a favor and stay home.

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