20 Years Of IHateweddings.com

In 2001, IHateWeddings.com started as a complaint about my college buddy Mike Petrillo’s wedding. Petrillo got married and then we never saw him again.

It was like having a party before your buddy went into witness protection program. After that party, we never saw that dude again.

I’ve gone through a few stages of life since originally creating IHateWeddings.com. There have been couples that I’ve loved. There have been weddings where adventures were had and memories created.

I Hate Weddings.com is an honest “Safe Space” to complain about Self Centered Brides, Crazy Mothers In Law, Ugly Bridesmaid Dresses, and more.

Over the years, IHateWeddings.com has been mentioned on The View, CNN, Howard Stern, Elvis Duran and the Morning Show and countless blogs and local media outlets. Several articles have gone viral. I have 200 pages of fan and hate mail.

IHateWeddings.com is an old joke who’s humor recycles every year.

Now, in the year 2020, I talk weddings with celebrity wedding planner Mikie Russo on our podcast IHeartWeddingsPodcast.com

My stand up comedy dates and other non wedding work as a comedian can be found at TomKellyShow.com

Because of my work as a wedding etiquette expert, we are relaunching IHateWeddings.com. I’m hoping to combine “old bitterness” with “jaded wisdom” to this take on the happiest day of a couple’s life.

Let me know what you think TomKellyShow@me.com