Tom Kelly’s Podcast

In the age of the pandemic and with New York’s stand up comedy scene in shambles, Tom Kelly sets forth on a solo podcast. On his weekly podcast, Tom Kelly brings together friends and experts to make you laugh and give you unwanted advice!

99: Norm MacDonald, Colbert, Broadway Reopens Tom Kelly Show

Tom Kelly discusses what he admired about Norm MacDonald and gives the inside scoop on “the Norm MacDonald incident” at Quinnipiac College May Weekend 1998.  Tom discusses how subbing in as the warm up comedian at Stephen Colbert and Broadway closing and Broadway reopening has book ended his pandemic experience. Show Notes: Norm MacDonald On Conan Making Fun Of Courtney Thorne Smith: Via Rolling Stone Norm MacDonald Makes OJ Jokes
  1. 99: Norm MacDonald, Colbert, Broadway Reopens
  2. 98: Mentally Al – Al Lubel Documentary
  3. 97: Big Morton Energy
  4. 96: Suicide Prevention
  5. 95: 7 Minutes Of Summer