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The Tom Kelly Show is a show about life’s difficulties and how he comically overcomes them. A New York based stand-up comedian, Tom Kelly has viewed this period of our lives as a time for personal growth. Listen as he and his cast of friends, experts, celebrities and fellow comics traverse life’s butt-kicking challenges and come away wiser, laughing most of the way.

349: Lenny Marcus – Death (His Comedy Album) Tom Kelly Show

Lenny Marcus, is a comedian who also is writer and producer for Leslie Jones. He has appeared on Comedy Central, Letterman, and Leno. He introduces "DEATH," his new album featuring humorously dark takes on mortality. The conversation delves into Lenny's provocative comedy theory: "Are all good jokes angry?" Lenny also discusses Skinny Boy Productions, his label supporting emerging comedians and veterans like Ted Alessandro. PLUS: Is there inside scoop on whether Leslie Jones will be the new host of the Daily Show? Lenny Marcus Instagram Lenny Marcus’s Album Death On Apple Music    
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