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The Tom Kelly Show is a show about life’s difficulties and how he comically overcomes them. A New York based stand-up comedian, Tom Kelly has viewed this period of our lives as a time for personal growth. Listen as he and his cast of friends, experts, celebrities and fellow comics traverse life’s butt-kicking challenges and come away wiser, laughing most of the way.

268: George Santos Must Not Resign Tom Kelly Show

He's lied about his resume, heritage, and education.  He may have stolen money from a Veteran's dog. Major media outlets failed to vet him.  Only one small newspaper The North Shore Leader caught onto his suspicious resume.  No one else cared. The New York media ignored George Santos.  The local New York media also ignored the New York City District Attorney campaigns of Tom Keniff versus Alvin Bragg and the recent New York State Assembly campaign of Tom Sullivan versus Stacey Pheffer Amato which was essential decided in court. Tom Kelly lists why George Santos must NOT resign and why George Santos may be the congressman that we deserve. Show Notes: North Shore Leader Picks Up On Santos Story  
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