Tom Kelly’s Podcast

In the age of the pandemic and with New York’s stand up comedy scene in shambles, Tom Kelly sets forth on a solo podcast. On his weekly podcast, Tom Kelly brings together friends and experts to make you laugh and give you unwanted advice!

84: Long Beach City Of Bros Tom Kelly Show

Podcasting from the back of a beach in a Jeep Wrangler on Minnesota Ave in Long Beach, New York . . . Tom Kelly shares what he loves and hates about his fantasy beach town.  What are the “6 Ds of Long Beach.”  Why did Tom want to move to Long Beach?  What prevents Tom from moving to Long Beach?  Plus: Tom Kelly reflects on the death of Toni Morrison . . . two years later. Show Notes: Tom’s Pilot Friend: Lea Gabrielle  
  1. 84: Long Beach City Of Bros
  2. 83 – Tom Buys A New Car
  3. 82: 3 Things That Creatives Need To Do Before World Reopens
  4. 81: Will Vought: Private Helicopters Versus The Bus
  5. 80: Florida With Benefits