The Snide: Wedding Podcast

Tom Kelly, the creator of stars with Celebrity Wedding Planner Mikie Russo in this weekly conversation filled with tips, celebrity stories and debates about the pomp and circumstance of weddings.

23: Mario Cantone – “Mikie’s Movie Version” The Snide: Wedding Drama And More

Mikie Russo gets to interview the man who “played him” in the “Sex And The City” Movie Mario Cantone!  Plus Mario Cantone chats about his intimate wedding to husband Jerry Dixon.  And Tom Kelly gets to ask Mario about his early days in comedy and a stressful moment they shared on election night.
  1. 23: Mario Cantone – “Mikie’s Movie Version”
  2. 22: Jedediah Bila / Garret Vogel “Sounds Of The Ring Bear”
  3. 21: Megan Mace / Esther Lee Don’t Postpone The Gift
  4. 20: Double Shot At Love – Derynn Paige
  5. 19: Carolina Bermudez – No Social