The Snide: Wedding Podcast

Tom Kelly, the creator of stars with Celebrity Wedding Planner Mikie Russo in this weekly conversation filled with tips, celebrity stories and debates about the pomp and circumstance of weddings.

20: Double Shot At Love – Derynn Paige The Snide: Wedding Drama And More

Derynn "The Cat Lady" from MTV's Double Shot At Love shares behind the scenes scoop on Jersey Shore's Vinny and Pauly D 's Vegas antics.  Tom Kelly asks Derynn about a "deflating" experience she had while trying to make love to a Vegas stripper. On a more wholesome note, celebrity wedding planner Mikie Russo advises Jenna, a blogger who dreams of a wedding in Lake Cuomo, Italy.   Derynn's Instagram:  Jenna's Instagram: @TallGirlTakeover_ Jenna's Fashion Blog:  
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