With group gatherings, seeming like a thing of the distant pass, even I, Tom Kelly the creator of I Hate . . . miss weddings.  I don’t miss the expense, cost and drama but I do miss my loved ones.  I miss seeing people happy.

Despite the emotional need for large family events, a badly planned wedding in 2020 and probably early 2021 is not only self-centered, it’s potentially deadly.

To help out Brides across America, I have restarted I Hate to prevent brides and grooms from turning the most self-centered days of their lives into murderous affairs.

Nobody Wants To Go To Your Wedding

I actually appreciate the importance of a family event.  I want to see my loved ones.  I want to see you be happy.

But do I want to see you be happy at the cost of bringing home germs that kill Grandma and Grandpa?  I’m not in their will.  So no.

Even the people who want to go to your wedding, are a little nervous about your wedding.

Did your Uncle risk Covid to go to the rally in Tulsa?  Nope.  If your Corona conspiracy uncle doesn’t believe in Trump enough to go to a rally . . . does he really feel safe going to your wedding?  He may talk tough.  But he doesn’t.

Delay Your Wedding Till Mid 2021 If Not Later

For your own sanity, the only thing worse than holding off a weekend for a wedding is holding of a weekend for a badly planned wedding that gets shut down by the Governor.  As of the time of this writing, August 2020, no one knows where the world is going.  

Why go through the drama and BS of planning a wedding if it’s going to get canceled and then you will have to go through all of the drama of re-planning a wedding.

My doctor is on the record of saying he thinks “Corona will be an inconvenience until January 2022.” 

If There Is A Miracle Vaccine

If there is a miracle vaccine you can always bump your wedding up snatch up a deal on a wedding hall later!

Get Wedding Insurance.

Here at, we hate the cost of a big wedding.  I’d rather see you SPEND the money than LOSE the money.

On our wedding planning podcast, celebrity wedding planner Mikie Russo suggests getting wedding insurance to guarantee your deposits on your vendors if they go out of business.  Apparently wedding insurance has other uses as well.

For your own sake, think about it.  The catering hall, limo agency, and all of your vendors haven’t been working for 6 months.  Some of them have to be closer to bankruptcy than we care to admit. Protect yourself.

The only thing sadder than seeing someone spend money they don’t have on a big wedding is seeing someone lose money they don’t have on a wedding that gets canceled.

Big Gifts Come From High Risk Groups

Your best gifts come from the people most likely to die at your wedding.

Who’s going to give you a big gift to off set this wedding?  Your college roommate or great aunt Ethel who wants to see the family together one last time before she goes into the nursing home?

Corona Virus affects the elderly.  Elderly people give more money at weddings than your dead beat college buddies.

Consider this when thinking of your own needs to offset wedding costs.

Maybe God Doesn’t Want You To Get Married

You and your boyfriend broke up six times and he waited 12 years to propose.  He finally proposes and God sends a pandemic.  Maybe this is God’s way of “speaking now or forever holding his peace”?

Small Wedding Now.  Buy A Bigger House

This is the credo.  Take the money you’d spend on a big wedding and spend it on not getting divorced.  Buy the bigger house.  

Small Wedding Now, Big Party Later

Emily Post etiquette used to say that you had a year after the wedding to give a gift.  What about waiting a year to have the reception?