Why Do Men Do All Of The Talking?

Here is a response to the article “The Morals of I Hate Weddings.com” from Jordy.

Oh man. There are not words in the English language to describe how much I loathe and despise weddings.

I’m a Christian and am all for marriage but weddings are a sick joke.

I hate the emotional voyeurism, in the sense that the couple are expected to get all sentimental and tearful in front of a crowd of hundreds. I hate the insane expense for a single day.

I hate the way it all ends up being about everyone else’s expectations and tradition and convention, even if it’s utterly inappropriate to the particular couple.

I hate the way all weddings are so generic and samey. I HATE the way that according to the traditional format, the men do all of the talking at the reception while the women sit in silence.

If I never get invited to another wedding again it will be too soon for me. Gahhh.My good for nothing husband ditched me last year, but even in our happiest moments I regretted going along with all the fluffy crap and always wished we’d just eloped. If I get married again, that’s what I’ll be doing. No more drama. 



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