Governor Cuomo’s Advice

“Look, you can get married.  You just can’t have 1,000 people at your wedding.  You get the same result at the end of the day.  It’s also cheaper.” – Governor Andrew Cuomo

When Governor Cuomo said these wise words in October of 2020 he was admonishing a prominent member of the Brooklyn community to not have a 10,000 person wedding because of Covid-19. 

I think the advice is timeless and applies to both before and after Covid times.

During the age of Corona Virus, weddings in the North East are being limited to 50 people.

Think about it. At the end of the day, outside of your immediate family, do you REALLY want more than 50 people at your wedding?

Now, let’s double the number to 100.

Do you really need more than 100 people to get married?  List the people you want to see on the happiest day of your life.  For me, I start becoming indifferent at 47.

Real estate prices in the suburbs are skyrocketing.  Postpone the big wedding.  Buy a house.  Have your wedding and housewarming party at the same time in a few  years.  Ask for twice the gifts.

You will thank me at your fifth anniversary.