The Groom’s reaper

My friend is planning a wedding.  He is a man marrying a man.  The men are having trouble delivering bad news to friends and family who are too involved in their wedding and giving unwanted opinions.

I’ve decided they need a “buffer” to deliver bad news.  “The Grooms’ Reaper” who would be in charge of delivering unwanted bad news to family and friends.

What bad news would you want your “Groom’s Reaper” to deliver for you and your bride?

What news was difficult for you and your bride 

  • Telling guests who expected to be invited that they are not invited.
  • Telling single guests they don’t get a plus one.
  • Telling your aunt that her 40 dead beat children can’t come.
  • Telling mom you’re not inviting second cousins and third cousins.
  • Telling bridal contractors that you went with another contractor.
  • Telling mom there won’t be certain traditions and cherished cultural moments at your wedding.
  • Telling mom you got a Justice of the Peace and are not having a priest.
  • Telling mom you’re gay and not marrying the gender she thinks you’re marrying.