Wedding Is Off. Party Is On

My friend Michelle called off her wedding 6 weeks before the date of the wedding. Her parents stand to lose $20,000 in deposits that will not be returned. Since they have the hall anyway, the former couple is throwing a “Valentine’s Party” on February 18th. They are inviting guests from the former bride and the former groom’s side of what would have been a family.

Guests are asked to pay $100 dollars per seat to help defray the cost of Michelle’s cold feet.

So basically what my friend Michelle is asking is “Help pay for my extravagant overpriced wedding that I’m calling off so that way my parents will get me another extravagant overpriced wedding that I can invite you to in the future.”

Tickets cost $100 dollars per person. I am pretty sure that buying tickets to this “un-wedding” does not count as a gift to any unforeseen weddings that may occur in the future.

I’m glad she realized that she was marrying a douchebag. But it would have been more dignified if she ditched the guy at the altar.

The problem poor Michelle has is that she already bought the dress, booked the hall, and had the bridesmaids buy their dresses. 

It’s one thing to ask a bridesmaid to buy an expensive ugly dress that she will wear for only one day of their lives. But these poor bridesmaids have spent $300 dollars on dresses they will NEVER wear.

Despite not being able to get a refund on their dresses, the bridesmaids were asked to buy tickets to the $100 a seat affair as well.

The couple even paid for the honeymoon (which Michelle is still going on but with her sister). 

My issue with Michelle is that she already had two engagement parties and a bridal shower.

What I would have done is not tell anyone the wedding was off. Instead of hiring a real minister to conduct the wedding I would have had an actor. Morally she wouldn’t have been married. God would know the truth. She could pretend a year or two later that the marriage didn’t work out.

Instead, she looks like a panhandler. Right now, she looks like she’s afraid of commitment. She should be more afraid of looking like a flake. 

Here’s the worst part: Her friends can’t pretend that they have plans that night because they’ve had the date roped off for 18 months. She may make back the cost of the hall . . . but she’ll never be able to buy back her dignity.

For $100 bucks a seat when you’re not even getting married, I want a written guarantee that when Michelle really meets the right man she will elope or at least a guarantee that next time, I won’t be invited.

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