Revenge For THe Solo invite

Here’s a great way to get back at a couple who didn’t invite you to their wedding with a date or as I call it “The Lack Of Date Invite”.

I know a married couple Joe and Jen who keep a list of who gave what at their weddings. When it’s time for their friend to get married Joe and Jen check the list to see what the friend gave at their wedding. The couple then gives a proportional gift when it’s the friend’s special day.

For example if the friend gave them a $100 a plate, Joe and Jen give the friend give $100 a plate in return.

Why not do the same for couples who invite you without a date to their wedding? Keep a list of all of your friends who invited you to their special days without a date. For example if Joe and Jen invited you to their special day solo put them on a list.

When it’s time for your special day invite only invite Joe OR Jen to your wedding. Only invite whoever you were friends with first. Let’s say you went to high school with Jen and you didn’t mean Joe till they started dating in college, you only invite Jen to your wedding.  

While you may be friends with Joe too, you have known Jen longer. You could pick which member of the couple you feel closest to but that would just be awkward so sadly Joe will get screwed.

This list makes a statement. You deserve to bring a date to a wedding if other people are allowed to bring a date to a wedding. It may take years to make this statement but by the time your spinster ass gets married your statement will be heard!

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