Tell Them You Are Bringing A Date

As someone who has been pretty much terminally single for his adult life, I don’t think issuing “and guest” invitations are mandatory for those planning a wedding. But the decision has to be uniform. Are you inviting everybody with a date or without a date? Are you inviting only married couples? Are you inviting only couples who’ve been in a relationship for a certain amount of time? Are you inviting only couples who are serious? 

What happens when you don’t invite everyone with an “and guest” invitation is that you start judging your guests and their significant others.

Just because you’re getting married and you have a forty percent chance at getting divorced you think you should be allowed to decide whether or not I should bring a date to your wedding?

Oh you don’t think I’m close with anyone? Maybe if I bring a date to your wedding, I’ll fall in love and start planning my own wedding? We’ll never know because you’re too cheap to splurge for another plate of chicken.

Here’s an idea for everyone who gets invited to a wedding without a date. Mail in the RSVP card with +1 written on it.  

Don’t ask the bride and groom if you can bring a date. TELL the bride and groom you ARE bringing a date.

If anyone tries this please let me know. I want to know if there is a couple out there with the balls to say “No, Bob, you can’t bring a date.” Then when they set another place-setting for your “date” show up solo. When you are asked why didn’t your date come . . . reply “Well my date didn’t feel welcome.”

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