The Morals Of I Hate

The best part about this webblog that Mike McGarrigle set up for me at is the fact that readers can leave comments.

Some people don't realize this is a comedy site written by a comedian. So yes I do go over the top sometimes for shock value or a laugh. That's provoked some strong reactions from the unwitting and the indifferent.

Before BRIDZILLAs on WE, I've been making fun of how there is something about the power of an engagement ring that turns brides and grooms into the most self-centered people. It's like the ring from "Lord of the Rings." An engagement ring can corrupt anyone who wears it. Even a pure soul like Frodo.

Also weddings have become a huge business. People focus on the WEDDING and not on the MARRIAGE. I have one friend who was so obsessed with her $70,000 dollar wedding. She was divorced before she sent out the Thank You cards.

Here are the morals of the site: 1) Brides and grooms become narcissitc self-centered people during the process of planning a wedding.

2) Brides and grooms do not realize how much money their young friends spend on what it takes to be a bridesmaid, groomsman or a wedding guest.

3) Those who get married young will not be around to return the favor of working as hard on your wedding as you did on theirs. They will use kids, mortgages, or their newfound happy marriage as excuses to not invest as much time and money into your happy day as you put into theirs. We all spent hundreds and almost thousands going to my friend Mike P's wedding. He seemingly went into the witness protection program shortly after.

4) Money spent on weddings should be spent instead on getting young couples started in their new lives so they don't get divorced.

But I love how this site pushes people's buttons. This week a web-site linked to us. We got a lot of responses and comments which you can read throughout the site. And I'll be honest some of the hate mail I received ALMOST shook me.

Here's moral 5) of I Hate This message is specifically for the brides: With the exception of your mother, nobody cares about your wedding.

Ok that's an exaggeration. Nobody cares about your wedding as much as you do.

They may pretend they care just to make you feel good. But no one cares as much as you want them to. Not your guests, not your bridesmaids, not your sister, not your father and not even your husband to be.

And that brings me to moral 6: Relax.

It's supposed to be fun. So instead of putting on a show for 300 people, think about the people closest to you. Instead of obsessing over precision planning . . . have fun and let the people helping you have fun.
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