The Groom’s reaper

My friend is planning a wedding.  He is a man marrying a man.  The men are having trouble delivering bad news to friends and family who are too involved in their wedding and giving unwanted opinions.

I’ve decided they need a “buffer” to deliver bad news.  “The Grooms’ Reaper” who would be in charge of delivering unwanted bad news to family and friends.

What bad news would you want your “Groom’s Reaper” to deliver for you and your bride?

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When The Fiance Asks You Not To Invite Your Buddy

Should a bride be allowed to tell her husband not to invite one of his best friends to their wedding?

Normally I’d say no. But in this particular case, one of the groom’s friends not only ruined the wedding but embarrassed the bride’s father for life.

This story comes from my friend Mick who is an Australian who was playing rugby on a very serious amateur team in England. Meeting Mick you could tell that his friends probably weren’t the types of guys who had high tea at 3. Mick is a rough and tumble guy. He exudes charm but you can tell he’s been in bar fights all around the world. Playing rugby is probably the least manly thing he does. 

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Governor Cuomo’s Advice

“Look, you can get married.  You just can’t have 1,000 people at your wedding.  You get the same result at the end of the day.  It’s also cheaper.” – Governor Andrew Cuomo

When Governor Cuomo said these wise words in October of 2020 he was admonishing a prominent member of the Brooklyn community to not have a 10,000 person wedding because of Covid-19. 

I think the advice is timeless and applies to both before and after Covid times.

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Bridal sweat suits

I’ve been to three weddings where in the last hour of the reception the bride takes off her white dress and puts on a white sweat suit. The suit has some sort of wedding related message written in sequins on her butt like “just married.” In my experience, the groom also slips into something more comfortable; tuxedo pants and a wife beater tee shirt.

The only way you could be trashier is if you were eight and a half months pregnant and marrying Kevin Federline.

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Holiday wedding: Point CounterPoint

This comes from our reader Amanda who’s friend got married on July 3rd, a Monday! And a counterpoint from someone named Jeani.

I have friends who got married on July 3 (a Monday) because they stupidly and naively thought that everybody would have a 4-day weekend, what with July 4 being on a Tuesday. I was really upset because I had to work that day and I couldn’t go. I have held a lot of different jobs, and I have NEVER worked anywhere that gives people off the day before or after July 4. What the hell were these people thinking? You’re right: holiday weddings can backfire, depending on the holiday.

Counter Point:

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Why Do Men Do All Of The Talking?

Here is a response to the article “The Morals of I Hate” from Jordy.

Oh man. There are not words in the English language to describe how much I loathe and despise weddings.

I’m a Christian and am all for marriage but weddings are a sick joke.

I hate the emotional voyeurism, in the sense that the couple are expected to get all sentimental and tearful in front of a crowd of hundreds. I hate the insane expense for a single day.

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Stand By wedding guest

We’ve all heard of A list wedding guests . . . the friends and family you definitely have to invite to a wedding. Then you have B list wedding guests, the friends you love and they barely made the cut.

Then you have the C list wedding guests. That would be coworkers and people who get invited very last minute. They wind up at the “freak table.”

Now we all know there is nothing sadder than having empty seats at your wedding. You need your guests who RSVP yes to actually show up.

How do you prevent unsightly empty seats?

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Engagement Ring upgrade

There are happily married women out there who for one reason or another want an upgrade on their engagement ring.  

  • 1)  Your spouse is more successful than when they first proposed.
  • 2)  Your spouse was young when he first proposed. 
  • 3)  The style has changed.
  • 4)  You are an awful human being with no respect for ceremony.

No Bottles At The Wedding?

If you don’t want glass beer bottles at you wedding . . . fine. But there is a right way to do that. Before we talk about the right way to do it . . . let’s talk about my friend Jim’s wife Dianna.

There’s a lot of reasons why I love my friend Jim’s wife Dianna. But this is not the venue for me to be affectionate. Most relevant to you, the reader, I love Dianna because she said nice things about me on the meanings blog on earting had linked to the Sunday weddings article I had written where I stated “Most people would rather receive an envelope full of powdered anthrax than an invitation to a Sunday wedding.

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Close To the registry

Bought Close To Registry, Told To Return It

I’m maid of honor at a wedding in two weeks. I organized a $1000 present between the entire bridal party and bought it last week for them.

The registry called the bride and groom, and told them I bought a present off the registry (which was a nicer version of what they wanted). The bride and groom had the audacity of calling me to ask me to return the present, and buy them what they WANTED from the registry.

If I could do it again, I wouldn’t get them anything. And they were the classiest couple before this whole event … it’s really sad.


Sad Maid Of Honor

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