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Some of you have left fan mail.  Some of you have left hate mail.  As I continue to fill the site with more content, I decided to create a quick archive of my favorite I Hate Weddings.com articles and the ones that have generated the most controversy.

Wedding haters unite!

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Stand By Wedding Guest

We’ve all heard of A list wedding guests . . . the friends and family you definitely have to invite to a wedding. Then you have B list wedding guests, the friends you love and they barely made the cut. Tom Kelly has invented a new class of wedding guests: Standby Wedding Guests.

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Unmarried Sibling’s Sister Wedding

Here is another e-mail from and I hate weddings.com reader:

I am currently trying to plan my wedding. I am in a tough spot.

On the weekend in April 2012 when I want to get married, my brother's birthday is on Saturday. I know having a wedding on an unmarried sibling's birthday is the ultimate thunderstealing.

So which is worse, getting married on a sibling's birthday or getting married on a Sunday? I'm guessing I'll have to choose the Sunday to get married.

Erica T.

How about this? If you're planning that far away why not pick May 2012? That'll make your single sibling less suicidal. Don't be a thunder stealing douche bag.

Who Should Call?

IHateWeddings.com creator Tom Kelly answers an e-mail from a reader:

I need to know if I should of called my sister after she walked out of my daughter's wedding. No explanation, nothing.

We went to sit down and I was told that she left with her son, (who is 26) The next day I hosted a brunch, at the hotel for guests that were staying.

She keeps telling my mom that etiquette says, I should have called, to find out why she left.

I feel that she should tell me why she left. It was very hurtful, and expensive paying for two dinners that were not eaten. That is besides the point.

I need to settle this. Thanks.

Mrs. J

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Sent Them A Bill

My friend "Bob" had someone RSVP to his wedding. They did not show up for the wedding. He and his wife sent them a bill for their plate. What do you think of this?

Help Me With My Wedding Invite

This I Hate Weddings.com reader needs help writing her invite. She wrote me a note asking for help:

“My problem isn't my parents. They are the one thing normal. This is my second marriage and I kept [my ex’s] last name. Many people don't even recognize my [maiden] name as me. So what or how do I write all that. My fiance’s mother passed away last year, so how do you honor her memory in the invitation? Also his ex-stepmother (divorced) will be there. My fiance is mostly paying for the wedding. My parents and I are chipping in.

Her question was originally posted on this Article: Invitation Nation.

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Tom Kelly Crashes A Wedding

Tom Kelly talks about one reason why men should crash weddings. Then shows a clip of himself actually crashing a wedding.

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Getting Married On A Sibling's Birthday

Here is an email from an IHateWeddings.com reader: “What happens when you sacrifice your birthday so your brother can celebrate his anniversary every year on your birthday? I find that a stab in the back.”

We talk about Thunderstealing a lot at IHateWeddings.com. This is the ultimate case of Thunderstealing. This is a moment of Thunderstealing that is a lifetime in the making.

Here is a new IHateWeddings.com rule: You are not allowed to get married on your unmarried siblings’ birthdays. Especially if it looks like your unmarried sibling will never get married. That means for the rest of your life your spinster sister’s special day will be overshadowed by your anniversary.

And don’t pray for your brother to get divorced. Then instead of your birthday and his anniversary being the happiest day of your brother’s life, it will be the worst day of his life.

While your family is singing you “Happy Birthday” they’ll secretly be feeling bad for your divorced brother.

What's your opinion? We'd like to know?

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Girl With No Pants

While at a bachelor party in Atlantic City, Thomas J. Kelly gets into the back of a car and encounters a girl with no pants.

(If you like it be sure to give me a funny vote. . . if you really like it . . .be sure to spread it around).

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Bought Close To Registry, Told To Return It

Do you buy the bride and groom gifts off the registry? What if you found something similar to what the bride and groom asked for on the registry and thought it was nicer, would you give it to them instead? What would you do if the bride then called you and said "That is not what I asked for . . . RETURN IT!"

Here is a true story from an "Angry Maid Of Honor" and a reply from the creator of IHateWeddings.com

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